Dream Building – Building Dreams

This project is researching on possibilities of building a house in the social housing area Vollsmose outside Odense – DK. We wanted to find eventual space for private initiative in a housing area basically without signs of individual initiatives and activities. “If you got the possibility of building a house in this area – what should it be used for?” - Was the number one research question. The idea was that the house should be build by the people having ambitions for the use of it – a way of mapping human resources in the area with a reputation of passivity.

A second part of the project was a cooperative experiment on building a small-scale house with people who became interested in the project. This was meant as an appetizer for the future ambition of building something permanent in the area. In cooperation with a group of people from Vollsmose we made a wooden dome construction on a big lane between two blocks. We used it as a public shelter during the exhibition period – showing the research we did on video inside the dome.

The third part of the project went on for a long period after the actual exhibition. – Working on realizing the idea of building a house. A group of teenage Muslim girls wanted to build a house on their own - to be used as a meeting place in the girl’s club. Unfortunately, the process of formalities was so long that it became practically impossible to realize this part of the project.



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