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The Price, 2002

Video - 5 min. 30 sec.


Utopian family and society / utopian society and family.

Quote Zygmunt Bauman:

"In the light of the unpleasant characteristics, that freedom without safety – as well as safety without freedom – is loaded with, it seems like we will never stop dreaming of community, but nor will we find any self-appointed community which can give us the delights we enjoyed in our dreams. The conflict between safety and freedom is therefore also the conflict between community and individuality. It will most likely never be solved and therefore with equal probability continue for a very long time.The hunt in vain for the right solution and the irritation from the solution which was taken in use, will not make us give up our search – but stimulate us to continue. Within our characteristics as humans – we cannot realize the hope nor give it up."