The Hitchhiker, 2009

27 min. video installation.


The Hitchhiker is filmed in Denmark on the highway to Sweden in 2009. at the time of national debate about a suggestion from the government which would prohibit the use of Burka in Denmark.


The Hitchhiker was made for the exhibition Art Recipe:


Art Recipe

Kabul - Oslo

Oslo - Kabul


Art Recipe is a project initiated by the Center for Contemporary Arts Afghanistan (CCAA). CCAA is a private arts center in Kabul, led by Rahraw OmarZad, a teacher at Fakulty of Fine Art at Kabul University and editor of the country's only art magazine: Gahnnam-e-hunar. CCAA drives an art school for young women.


The reason for the project is a wish from CCAA for exchange of ideas between Scandinavian artists and art students at the CCAA. The idea is designed as an equal exchange, where artists from both countries work out their concepts or "art recipes" and interpret and realize each other's thoughts. Expressions can be anything from painting, sculpture, Installation, photography, performance, video, audio.


Ps: To your information: This is Afghanistan – no kidding with religion in public. It is very controversial that a man and a woman touch each other while others are looking. This is not to add band anyone, but there is death penalty here for blasphemy, so it is not all that this world is ready for.