A community where expirences can be shared and this place is meant to be shared among :thinkers, practiqers and other socio-critic people who are not in favor of only :luxury, carrier, private property and newclear families. If you dont want to park life like that...........

A specific place in Sweden.
Do you want to participate.......

Was any body saying it looks like a hut......No no no it is a contemporay Art hall it is just a little bit out of hmmm.... context, but that is part of the point.

Ellevild...is a danish adverb
and litteraly translated it means
overexcited which also sound
a bit to over exaterated.....hm,
here it is more referring to a happy/
crazy state of mind and we thought
of the potentials .......and again
Ellevild is more likely a funny
surname for people who wants to
change the world a tinny bit....

An artistic Network
A remote platform for unformal discussion and action.