Montage from the Middle East is a Video - and Photo project about how to differentiate between foreign workers and refugees - picturing and experiencing Turkish and Arab culture. In the summer 2001 we visited and stayed with families in Turkey and Lebanon . The families all have relations i Denmark . The contact between us and the families started with us working and living in Gellerup - DK. When we were working on the project Mapping Gellerup some of the people we interviewed invited us to visit their homelands, where big parts of their families are still living.We followed the tracks given to us - trying to follow what came up naturally. We wanted to create a possibility for the viewer to find a personal relevant story within the a complex documentation of what we met: Experiences of life inside a refugeecamp in libanon and the life in the Anatolian hights in Turkey. Montage from the Middle East has been shown as an installation with photoes and video.