Mapping Gellerup is a portrait of the Gellerup area outside Aarhus – DK. The area has a high percentage of immigrants and refugees. Mapping Gellerup is a video archive, a video montage and photos mixed in an installation. It was made in 2000 when we were living in the area our self. The project about the Gellerup area and the people living there, started because our private picture of daily life in the area was not recognizable in the stories told in the mass media. It was mostly big headlines about violence and robbery in the “ghetto” that you where met with. We simply felt we could not recognise reality in the Medias. The language used - and the stories we heard and saw in the media presented gaps and strange rhetoric. We wanted to investigate the area without putting an ankle on the story – working more as scientists gathering materials. We made interviews and photos around the area for several months and made a research archive with all interviews shown to the public in a video library. First it was shown in downtown Aarhus at " The building for Visual Art" - and then some weeks later we rented a shop in the local bazaar a bit outside Gellerup - fixed it for the video library-archive and photo exhibition and stayed there for 3 weeks, having discussions with people coming by. We wanted to give the viewer the possibility of experiencing Gellerup through photo and video material. And we wanted the viewer to make up her/his own opinion about the area. We wanted to (re)map Gellerup. From a conceptual view we let people speak about what they had in mind out the area. We tried hard not to manipulate by not putting an ankle to the interviews. The ambition was to be catalysts in order to bring forward the possibility for other people to meet Gellerup through interviews and photos in a multiple collection of voices from the area.