If the real world is your neighbour, do you say hallo!

Why should artists care about the "real world" and why try to participate in this ugly globalized reality - is it somehow possible to visualize other possibilities than status quo? What is the role of art in the process of change?

Why do we at the very moment work in this "real world"- Outside the art funding system? Investigating the possibilities? We do so, because we believe art is an intervening tool, which can be used to (re)set/(re)think the way things is normally done in different contexts.

Art - a tool for development ?

We do think that art methods and artists way of focusing on society/organisations/projects could challenge the way things are normally developed and done inside the field of development work. That is what we are experimenting with - new perspectives from outside as well as inside development institutions.

It is about (re)thinking how to relate visual communication and how to use art to interfere in power structures and how to make the structures come visible.

Our focus is mainly on people or societies stuck in between dominant cultures. Alternatives and voices of the "others" - and views upon "others" - is what we are wrestling with and doing projects about.