Translation from the invitationletter:

Art Recipe
Kabul - Oslo
Oslo - Kabul

Art Recipe is a project initiated by the Center for Contemporary Arts Afghanistan (CCAA). CCAA is a private arts center in Kabul, led by Rahraw OmarZad, a teacher at Fakulty of Fine Art at Kabul University and editor of the country's only art magazine: Gahnnam-e-hunar. CCAA drives an art school for young women.

The reason for the project is a wish from CCAA for exchange of ideas between Scandinavian artists and art students at the CCAA. The idea is designed as an equal exchange, where artists from both countries work out their concepts or "art recipes" and interpret and realize each other's thoughts. Expressions can be anything from painting, sculpture, Installation, photography, performance, video, audio.

Ps: To your information: This is Afghanistan – no kidding with religion in public. It is very controversial that a man and a woman touch each other while others are looking. This is not to add band anyone, but there is death penalty here for blasphemy, so it is not all that this world is ready for.

With hopes of a positive answer for your participation.
Best regards Art Recipe / Torkil Sandsund

We are only half the way!

Who want to go all the way – to the point where we really dare to perform each other's works using the recipe makers signature in the project we have just done - and he/she vice versa?
Is it possible?

Where are we heading by making each other's works of art as starting point in this generous project - believing that we can interact, translate and interpret each other's ideas - spit them out again as independent projects inspired by the concept, directed, guided on their way towards – possibly - a broader understanding of each other.

I know it inside of me, but it is not said straight out - that culture/art is a way to crack the codes and standards and a power tool in difficult situations...
But I also know that art is beside
the rest of the world and that it
must live and feed itself
and that it can be
to the most

Will this project suddenly mime things it stands in contrast to by depending on its catalogue as “just another report” performed by an organization or government institution.

> The video "The Hitchhiker" was also shown as a part of the Art recipe program