A collaboration / partnership between Nikolaj Kilsmark and Nynne Haugaard.

We have been working together in art projects in a mixed field of relations between dokumentary, fiction, political, social, journalistic, and aesthetic considerations since 1999. We began our artistic collaboration in Gellerup (a suburb of Aarhus, with a high percentage of immigrants and refugees), where we were living at the time. Our aim was to differentiate the media produced image of Gellerup by presenting other images and stories than the ones offered by the established media at that time. Since then we have produced “Montage from the Middle East ” in conjunction with Aarhus Festival 2001, in which we portrayed families in Turkey and Lebanon with family relations in Denmark, with the intention of distinguishing between the situation of refugees and the situation of immigrants.

In 2001, we were invited to participate in the project CUDI ( Center of Urban Culture, Dialogue and Information) in Vollsmose (a suburb of Odense, Denmark – similar to Gellerup in Aarhus ). Our project attempted to investigate and uncover the possibilities for resident initiatives in the housing complex, and facilitate actions/initiatives on dreams. Since then we have taken part in 20 Minutes in Denmark, a project launched by DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) and Aarhus Film Workshop addressing Danish identity, and in the exhibition project Running in the Family for which the proposals of societal utopian ideas within a familiar context. We represented the Danish prisoner in Guantanamo in the Danish media by way of an interview made in Gellerup in 2000. In March 2003, when the identity of the Danish prisoner became known to the public, we decided to air the interview on the two Danish television channels, DR 1 and DR 2 - an interview in its full length. The intention was to attract attention to the Dane's case, as to Danish government pressure to act on claiming rights for a Danish citizen. Minority report – Aarhus Festival of contemporary Art 2004: We Participated with “Where do you believe from? ” 2004 a Site-specific video projections out from the local library and in Billund airports main gate area. “Where do you believe from?” constitutes an analysis of media realities and realities perceived through media and elements of fiction.

Here and now we are based in Katmandu - Nepal, where we are investigating and working on how art can be a tool in development work and how to create other communication strategies together with Nepali citizens. - How to use artistic methods to communicate within different contexts both culturally and in specific areas e.g. to create conceptual strong images that create dialogues in different environments.

In our work we are highly interested in different issues around migration and globalization. Our concern lies within using aesthetic language to communicate political issues in conceptual ways.



1998 The Art Academy in Juttland, DK www.djk.dk

2000 Hochshule der Kunst (professor Katerina Sieverding), Berlin

2001 The Royal Danish Academy, Copenhagen

2002 Department of Wall and Space, The Royal Danish Art Academy

2003 Department of Media Art, The Royal Danish Art Academy

2004 Department of Theory & Communication, The Royal Danish Art...

2006 Exit from the Royal Danish Art Academy

1995 The Art Academy in Juttland, DK www.djk.dk

2000 Graduating from the Art Academy in Juttland

2001 Kunst Fabrik Am Flutgraben, Berlin

2002 Webdesign, Media Tecnical School in Copenhagen